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Play outside FIFA 18 Coins of himself It shows a player who doesn't have great explosiveness and someone who is too willing to settle for any look instead of helping his team work for a good lookOne thing that jumped out at Syracuse was Richardson's willingness to stop the ball and size up his defender Granted the Orange often needed someone to


accept the burden of creating looks but Richardson won't be able to get away with it in the NBA Even when it worked it wasn't always pretty Despite how damning a number like Richardson's true shooting percentage appears it's still easy enough to talk yourself into him as a top pick in this draft He's longer and more athletic than


Jamal Murray He's younger and bigger than Buddy Hield He shoots better than Jaylen Brown He much more physically developed than Furkan KorkmazRichardson has his shortings as a player but so does everyone else in the NBA Draft He won't be able to force possessions in the pros like he did in college but that could help him


slide into a more Buy FIFA 18 Coins structured role If Richardson is only focusing on what he does well the tools are there for an effective role player in the NBAIt's just going to require a leap of faith by one team because the results behind his freshman year at Syracuse left a lot to be desiredto do it Answer with three or four words and then smile real big

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