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The Warriors winning FIFA Coins when they were down Was that about Golden State Kevin Durant Or bothLil B You know really it was a message from the Based God just wanted everyone to know the Warriors would be winning And that was before anything before going down or anything when the series was I already predicted it just relaying the information


from the Based God But yeah I wasn't worried It was really fun and I know that the Based God has lessons that he has stowed awayGo back to last playoffs last year and the James Harden curse and he actually had one game where he had a certain amount of turnovers to represent the number on his jersey The Based God is definitely working in very


 unique clever ways if you are cursed for people to understand and feel what's going onYeah because the KD curse that was back in when it first started and as we see it's still going strong Does that just show the power of the Based GodWe see a progressive period from Kevin Durant before the curse and after the curse After the curse he got injured


No titles The team that I support just went  Cheap FIFA Coins to the championship after Durant's curse went on Kevin Durant battles with the same team the Based God is rooting for which is all a lesson And you know he just continues he's just exposing himself continuously and he either needs to get a better point guard with him Russell Westbrook's great and

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Defender brickwalling  FIFA Coins Thompson when the game's final possession was drawn up for himIf his career were to end now James would easily qualify as one of the best basketball players of all time He's been the best player in the NBA for large parts of the last decade and this series argues that he still is the best He has three NBA championships


 with two teams and he's the most important player in the history of both of those franchises He's made the NBA Finals more consecutive times than anybody since there were only nine teams in the NBAYet this series is the most impressive thing he's ever done James could've lost this series and in the shadow of Golden State's historically


 unmatched brilliance it would've been understandable But he managed to do the seemingly undoableSunday night will not be the end of LeBron James criticism Some people apparently only respect perfection and James is not perfect His jumper is a bit iffy sometimes downright broken He does lose basketball games He is only a brilliant human


and not an immortal godBut Sunday  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins night should be the end of any rationally thinking human accepting LeBron James criticism If what LeBron James just did is not good enough for you something is wrong with you and not LeBron James LeBron delivered on all his promises froMaybe it was the knee and ankle injuries that forced him to miss six

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Shocking Although  FIFA Coins the Warriors were still clearly favored in the series the absence of Curry was seen as an equalizer that would at least make Golden State work for its victory Instead they just rolled from opening tip to final buzzerPortland played better after the first frame winning the second quarter but the point deficit established in the first minutes


was too large For anyone nervous what Curry's loss might do to the Warriors Game was a friendly reminder hey we're still the Warriors Green and Thompson don't need StephThere's no doubt Curry's impact makes it easier for everyone on the Warriors' roster The gravity of his pullup jump shot has more pull than anyone's in the league and for


 players sharing the court with him it just means they'll be open a lot But the Warriors' other two stars Green and Thompson have proven repeatedly that they're not situation stars they could do this on any teamThompson too often stereotyped only as a shooter showed his full offensive repertoire on Sunday by creating offense frequently


getting good shots out of the post and  Buy FIFA Coins applying his excellent defense on the other end Green especially in the second half recognized an increased need to score instead of just rebounding and defending and came through Their final lines reflect just that Thompson had points on of shooting with five assists while Green went for points on shots with

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A pickandroll with  FIFA Coins Whiteside screening They just had to catch and shoot while their men desperately tried to recover after helping on the Heat's centerSometimes the plays take a little longer to develop Maybe the helper recovers to chase his man off the threepoint line or someone else rotates over It doesn't matter The defense is already a step behind


and with enough patience the cracks will show It's just a matter of attacking the seams that open up and Whiteside's teammates are getting better and better at doing just thatWhiteside can even do some damage himself after the initial action by crashing the offensive glass Even against an elite defensive rebounding team like the Hornets he's managed to


 get his hands on misses often because he's relentless That sometimes causes opponents to stay with him instead of helping which then opens up even more room for direct attacks on the rimThe Heat have been scoring at a scorching rate no matter who plays so far in the postseason but with Whiteside on the court they have been almost points


 better on that end More notably Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins their assist ratio the amount of assists they have per possessions almost doubles when he's on which is interesting because he's logged just one dime in two gamesWhat Whiteside does is make it easier for the ballhandlers to put others in a position to score He might not be the one delivering the assist but he's the

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Toronto's AllNBA backcourt runescape gold needs more help than most stars The reason the Raptors had their best season ever is they received that help all season and crucially got it again on Sunday nightMyself and Cory [Joseph] e from teams with a tradition of depending on everyone DeMarre Carroll said after the win via the Ottawa Citizen I felt like this


series showed that everyone in this locker room was depended on and that's what we had to do We had to e out as a team DeMar DeRozan wasn't going to beat this team alone Kyle Lowry wasn't going to beat this team on his own It had to be a group effortIn Game Bismack Biyombo was the hero after exploding for points and rebounds


 off the bench In Game Joseph and littleused secondround rookie Norman Powell saved the day At other times Carroll Patrick Patterson Jonas Valanciunas and even Terrence Ross have stepped up The Raptors are much more than just Lowry and DeRozanJoseph's Game performance was a continuation of the strengths he flashed all season He


used his size and motor to wall off  Cheap runescape gold Monta Ellis and George Hill while his shifty ballhandling and crafty array of hesitations presented him with all sorts of avenues into the paintThe clip above is a perfect example of Joseph tormenting the strong Pacers defense It also showed why Toronto so desperately needed him to do because Lowry looked

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In regulation In the FIFA Coins NBA of it merely forced overtime where the Knicks won by three It turned out to be a pretty big deal New York won the series in a classic Game and that's why the Lakers only have more NBA championships than the Knicks and not You can't see me right now but I'm crying into a Kristaps Porzingis Tshirt jerseyThanks


 to several folks who suggested this shot on TwitterJeff Capel UNC vs Duke College basketball's most famous rivalry should've been lopsided in UNC was a powerhouse with Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse Meanwhile Duke was trash with Mike Krzyzewski leaving the team after games due to a bad back and exhaustion Under interim Pete


 Gaudet Duke would go in conference play and set a school record for lossesBut somehow that Duke team got that UNC team to overtime The Tar Heels were up three with enormous Dutch blonde man Serge Zwikker at the line and he missed a free throw For some reason up three with seconds remaining UNC had zero players contesting


 the rebound nobody but Zwikker  Buy FIFA Coins on the same side of the court as the free throw and three players standing within the threepoint arc that Duke would never think about crossing because they were down three The Blue Devils got a clean run across halfcourt and Jeff Capel hoisted a runner from feetThe game went to double overtime and this might

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Ppg rpg apg has  FIFA Coins gone nearly for naught as Dallas limped to a deficit While Dirk Nowitzki has been his typically efficient self underwhelming returns from the rest of the roster and deficient threepoint shooting have given the Mavs few avenues for success in this playoff series In their lone victory their key to the game was the fact that Durant apparently


thought he was recording a Sonic mercial en route to a dismal shooting performanceDallas can't rely on a similar performance and they'll have to pick up a seasonsaving victory without Deron Williams who will miss the rest of the season with a sports hernia That means players like Wes Matthews and JJ Barea will have to play cheat code basketball to


 lift the Mavericks to a road winEven then that might not be enough to overe a Thunder team looking to wash away the bad taste of their last game in OKCHow to watch Thunder vs Mavericks Game Place Chesapeake Energy ArenaTime pm ETTV TNTStreaming Watch TAfter two uninspired games that ended in blowouts in Oakland the Rockets came


alive at home to beat the Warriors and  FIFA Mobile Coins get on the board in a series that was expected to end in a sweep Now they will have the chance to tie it and put pressure on Golden Sate to win Game at Oracle ArenaFor that to happen the Rockets need to hope that Stephen Curry's nagging ankle injury keeps him out for another game The league's MVP had to sit

Who Atlanta who FIFA Coins could then go over the cap in order to resign after all other business is concluded and free agent Kent Bazemore million and million respectively according to Basketball Insiders and that leaves just about million in cap space That number's not as large as it sounds The salary of their future firstround pick should they keep it will


cut into that even further and slice the max offer the Hawks can offer a free agent to about million a year That's not going to be enough to sign a maximumlevel free agentBut they can still use free agency to improveThat cap situation leaves the Hawks with a few options Resigning Bazemore is one though that may be difficult Bazemore emerged as a


capable twoway player this year but because he's ing off a twoyear contract Atlanta only holds his Early Bird rights That means they can only go over the cap to resign him if he agrees to a new contract for twice the value of his previous one which is less than million a yearThat's not going to be enough to keep Bazemore He's ing off a strong season


 in which he connected on percent of FIFA Mobile Coins his deep balls and did a solid job defending opposing wings so he'll mand an eightfigure salary on the open market It's highly unlikely he settles for a much smaller deal so the Hawks will have to decide between bringing him back using most of that remaining cap room or looking elsewhereIf this situation

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More than points  FIFA Coins per game this series but is also shooting just percent from the field Houston will need a better showing in order to knock off Golden State even with Curry out of the lineupHow to watch WarriorsRockets Game Place Oracle ArenaTime pm ETTV TNTStreaming Watch TNT Rockets don't react after Harden hits a game winneThe Atlanta


Hawks appeared to be in great shape heading to Boston for Games and of their firstround series against the Celtics thanks to two home victories and a significant injury to Avery Bradley But after two wild games in Boston the series returns to Atlanta tied at two games apieceIsaiah Thomas saved the day in Game with a careerhigh point performance


 and after avoiding a Game suspension for smacking Dennis Schroder in the head Thomas put up points in an overtime thriller Marcus Smart also enjoyed a big performance in Game notching points eight rebounds and five assists to go along with stellar defense on Paul Millsap down the stretchMillsap dominated much of the game by scoring a playoff


 careerhigh points but he only took Buy FIFA Mobile Coins two shots in overtime and didn't score a single point The Hawks managed just three points in the extra frame and they've now lost nine straight overtime contestsIt didn't help that Millsap got little help in regulation NonMillsap Hawks shot of from the field and while Jeff Teague hit a few big threes late to help get the

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Certainly seems to FIFA Coins be it Al Horford is a free agent Paul Millsap has just one year left on his deal plus a player option he's likely to decline Jeff Teague has one year and million remaining on his contract Kyle Korver while still dangerous is also and ing off an injuryplagued down season by his standardsIt'd be understandable if Atlanta's decision makers


elected to pull the plug on this current core It'd also be the wrong callIf you blow it up what nextThe Hawks aren't likely to get much better next season and are more than just one piece away from giving the Cavaliers an actual fight At the same time clamoring for a tear down doesn't offer any solutions either Sure Atlanta could get rid of everyone but


 then what Are the Hawks suddenly going to morph into a freeagent destination that could woo free agents like Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan Are they going to nab a future star with the No pick in this year's draftThe answer to both those questions is obviously no which means Atlanta would have to endure a Sam Hinkielike rebuilding season


or two or three in order to bee Buy FIFA Mobile Coins petitive and relevant againThat's the struggle so many fans and analysts forget when considering a team's future Yes the goal is to win a championship but that doesn't mean everyone other than the Warriors Cavaliers and Spurs should throw everything they built into the trashIf there's a better path out there sure go for it

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